The Analytics Summit for Digital Marketers

October 14 + 15, 2020

Data Over Instinct 2020 is going virtual. And because of the big change, tickets this year are FREE. So join us from the comfort of your home... wherever that is!

Why Attend the Data Over Instinct Summit?

The Data Over Instinct Summit is an opportunity for marketing professionals to exchange real-world insights around the rapidly evolving fields of data analytics and digital marketing technology. Data Over Instinct 2020 will be a virtual event, and we’re excited to make the Summit more accessible than ever.

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Check out highlights from Data Over Instinct 2019!

Data Over Instinct 2020 will be a 2-day event!

Are you a healthcare-focused marketer? The day before the Summit, we’re adding a shorter day of sessions specifically for marketers in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare Day Add-On

October 14, 2020
9am – 12:00pm CDT


Data Over Instinct 2020

October 15, 2020
9am – 3:30pm CDT

Learn From Industry Leaders

Speakers at the Data Over Instinct Summit have successfully used data to reshape the way their businesses operate. You’ll come away with real examples of effective data-driven strategies.

Take Away Actionable Insights

You’ll return to work with detailed notes on techniques and tools you can apply right away. Past topics have included analytics in the age of compliance, and the power of effective data visualizations.

Make Meaningful Connections

You will be learning alongside other leaders who are just as focused as you are on using data. The Summit will include several virtual networking sessions, so everyone will have the opportunity to connect.

For Marketers, By Marketers

The Summit is designed for experienced marketing professionals, by experienced marketing professionals. All content will be accessible to marketers without highly technical backgrounds.

Who's Attending?

If you’re are an experienced marketer, this Summit is designed for you. It is structured for decision makers who manage a marketing budget and want better insight into their analytics data, measurement tools, and campaign performance. Content will be geared towards leaders with more traditional (marketing, communications and PR) backgrounds who are ready to build a data-driven culture.

2020 Speakers

Click on the images below to learn more about each speaker.

Jenny Bristow

CEO, Anvil Analytics + Insights

Brett Lohmeyer

Director, Analytics + Decision Science, Anvil Analytics + Insights

Jordan Welborn

Account Manager, Lucky Orange

Bryanna Pardoe

Director of Digital Engagement, Geisinger

Valentin Radu

CEO and founder at Omniconvert

Noah Locke

Director of Marketing Technology, UW Health

Mike McMaster

Datorama Account Executive, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Maria Abrar

Senior Data Scientist, Trulioo

Jason Tatum

Lead Product Manager, CallRail

2020 Agenda

9:00 AM

Noah Locke

Cleaning House: Creating a Data + Analytics Foundation For the Future

As healthcare marketers, we’ve always been a bit behind when it comes to digital trends. Data and analytics are no different, and in 2019 the team at UW Health took a hard look at the data we were collecting. For years we had used Google Analytics as “catch-all”, dumping every click event into a massive bucket that no one wanted to sift through. Our clients seemed to only care about “hits” to their web pages, and no real strategy was in place to maximize the insights that were hidden amidst the mountain of data. In early 2020, the UW Health team decided it was time to switch gears and form a real data and analytics strategy that would carry them towards their goal of driving patient volume using digital tactics.

In this session, learn how to make Google Analytics work for you, not against you via the following:

  • Define and track the metrics that truly matter, and throw out the rest.
  • Learn best practices for implementing a tracking system that accounts for all websites in your domain.
  • Create a clean data schema and make use of tools to streamline your reporting

10:00 AM

Bryanna Pardoe

Geisinger’s Evolution: From Excel to Tableau in Two Years

Three years ago Geisinger started on an evolution to become a digital-first organization for marketing efforts, and with that, reporting and analytics became more important than ever. It started with copying and pasting between Excel spreadsheets and rapidly evolved into dashboards built in Tableau that demonstrate end-to-end lead to customer attribution.

In this session, we’ll talk about:

  • The team that got us there
  • The tech stack that got us there
  • What we did
  • The vision we needed
  • What’s next for Geisinger

11:00 AM

Mike McMaster

How To Drive Efficiency with Marketing Analytics

The healthcare industry is a complex space comprised of a growing number of healthcare payors, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies. This diverse landscape of companies is united by the common purpose of improving patient outcomes. Whether trying to reach businesses, clinics, doctors, or patients, navigating this complex landscape while building meaningful and effective connections throughout the customer journey is challenging as marketers must work with disparate data sources and platforms to measure the impact of their activities and campaign.

In this session, learn how marketing intelligence can help you optimize marketing channels and drive positive patient experiences through the following:

  • Leveraging a single, marketing system of record that connects and unifies data from any marketing source
  • Using AI and real-time insights to optimize campaigns, drive conversions, and increase ROI
  • Achieving organizational alignment across key stakeholders

9:00 AM

Jenny Bristow

Keynote - Marketing Analytics 101

A lot of marketers talk about analytics, but do they really understand the technical work behind the scenes? In this session, Jenny will dive into how analytics tools actually work, explaining concepts and terms such as business intelligence, reports, analytics, data warehouse, ETL, and much more. It's a great session to open the day and create a baseline of knowledge for attendees before diving into more specific sessions.

Don't worry - even if you're a seasoned marketing analytics pro, we promise you'll walk away with deeper knowledge and understanding of how all of the tools you use work together after this session!

10:00 AM

Jordan Welborn

3 Easy Ways to Solve Your Website Conversion Conundrum

Someone just left your website, but do you know why? How does your Facebook traffic interact differently with your website than traffic from Google PPC? It’s time to find the answers and get to the bottom of your conversion conundrum.

Don’t miss these three easy, actionable ways to:

  • Learn how to increase conversions using visitor behavior technology
  • Improve your customer experience in a replicable way
  • Put an end to bad conversion habits and develop effective, data-driven conversion strategies

11:00 AM

Valentin Radu

Nail Growth by Understanding the Power of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

12:00 PM

Jason Tatum

Understanding how Conversation Tracking is the Key to Optimizing your Customer’s Journey

Jason Tatum, Lead Product Manager at CallRail, will walk you through the value of call tracking, and how business can get a better insight of their digital marketing efforts.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to integrate tracking from different interaction points in one place
  • Use conversation intelligence to ensure agent quality
  • Integrate with the tools you use most for seamless reporting
  • Integrate the whole experience, from capture to conversation, in one platform

1:00 PM

Brett Lohmeyer

How Anyone Can Make Predictions in R in Minutes!

You, yes you, can be up-and-running in the data-driven programming language R in just a few minutes making predictions and forecasts on your company’s real Google Analytics data. This is not for data scientists, machine learning analysts, or software developers. This is for the rest of us. People that have used Excel but don’t have experience with developing software.

There is a big push back in the data science community in the last few years on people without PhDs in statistics using machine learning. I think it is because many professionals are scared. They are scared because improvements in easy-to-use and 100% free programming languages are making it easy for anyone to do basic statistical analysis and machine learning and could eliminate their jobs.

I have the opposite opinion. Giving everyone a taste of how easy it is to the basics will increase people wanting to leverage data scientists to do the really, really cool stuff!

In this presentation, I will review the following:

  • An introduction of R and modeling
  • How to make a prediction and a forecast using your Google Analytics
  • Give examples of other cool stuff that can be done in R

2:00 PM

Maria Abrar

Data science in Customer Lifecycle Journey

The best way to convert data into dollar value is understanding the customer more than the customer knows himself. How do we predict the customer’s next action with the best accuracy? How can we move the needle from low value to higher value? How do we predict the near future, segment the customer into a perfect profile, and recommend the next best offer? By utilizing the best practices of data science.

3:00 PM

Session Details Coming Soon!

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