October 15, 2020

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Why Attend the Data Over Instinct Summit?

The Data Over Instinct Summit is an opportunity for marketing professionals to gather and exchange real-world insights and practical advice around the rapidly evolving fields of data analytics, business intelligence, and digital marketing technology. It’s designed for leaders with more traditional marketing backgrounds who are ready to integrate analytics and business intelligence into their decision-making process in a meaningful way.

The Data Over Instinct Summit is produced by Anvil Analytics + Insights, a St. Louis based digital and analytics agency that helps organizations find the truth in messy data and continually improve their digital return through innovation and optimization.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Speakers at the Data Over Instinct Summit have successfully used data to reshape the way their businesses operate. You’ll learn from leaders who’ve steered digital transformations and hear their firsthand insights. You’ll come away with real examples of effective data-driven strategies.


Make Meaningful Connections

This Summit is specifically for experienced marketers, so you will be surrounded by other experienced leaders who are just as focused as you are on using data to help grow their businesses. Your Summit ticket includes an on-site breakfast and lunch, so everyone will have plenty of time to connect.


Take Away Actionable Insights

You’ll return to work with a refreshed perspective and detailed notes on techniques and tools that you can apply right away. Topics will address questions such as building an internal analytics team versus outsourcing, how to build a 3+ year BI growth plan, and many more.


For Marketers, By Marketers

The Data Over Instinct Summit is designed for experienced marketing professionals, by experienced marketing professionals. We know you’re not looking for sales pitches or theoretical fluff, and the content is designed for professionals with more traditional marketing versus highly technical backgrounds.


Who's Attending?

If you’re are an experienced marketer, then this Summit is designed for you. It is structured for experienced decision makers who manage a marketing budget and want better insight into their analytics data, measurement tools, and campaign performance but aren’t sure where to start. Content will be geared towards leaders with more traditional (marketing, communications and PR) backgrounds who are ready to build a data-driven decision culture.

2019 Speakers

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Lorrie LiBrizzi

Adjunct Professor of Marketing Strategy, Washington University in St. Louis

Kesha Kent

Speaker/Trainer/City Champion Together Digital

Jenny Bristow

CEO, Anvil Analytics + Insights

Gabe Lozano

Chief Executive Officer, LockerDome

Tara Kinney

CEO, Atomic Revenue

Karen M. Loiterstein

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Enterprise Bank

Mariquita Barbieri

Principal, Carmody MacDonald

Craig Starbuck, PhD

Vice President of Analytics & Metrics, Mastercard

Brett Lohmeyer

Director, Analytics + Decision Science, Anvil Analytics + Insights

Marcia Sullivan

Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Communications, Maryville University

Jen Whitten

Associate Dean and Director, Weston Career Center at Washington University in St. Louis

Annie Haarmann

Senior Director of Experience Optimization, Ascension

Brad Hogenmiller

VP of Marketing + Technology, EyePromise

2019 Agenda

  • 7:00 - 8:30

    Registration & Breakfast Networking

  • speaker-1
    8:30 - 9:15

    Opening Keynote: Instincts Are Great Until They're Wrong - Guidelines for Success in Decision Science

    Craig Starbuck, PhD

  • speaker-1
    9:30 - 10:15

    Analytics 101: Reports, Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Jenny Bristow

    Today, marketing leaders are also expected to understand analytics and measurement, but frankly, most education available is too technical and focused on the team implementing the work versus the individual managing the process.

    To kick off our event, Jenny will present Analytics 101 to create a baseline of understanding for attendees around the differences between reports, analytics and business intelligence. We will discuss the role each plays in the measurement process and a few technical terms and procedures leaders need to understand to effectively manage an implementation with their team or agency partner. This is a great session to get you ready for more in-depth conversations throughout the day.

  • speaker-1
    10:30 - 11:15

    Better Data, Bigger Budgets and CFO Love — You Can Have It All?

    Tara Kinney

    With so much data available from so many different sources, research and decisions have never been more complex. Instead of a world with no data, gut instinct, and spaghetti-on-the-wall strategies we now have vanity metrics, data manipulation, and KPI conflicts. Where's the happy medium? How can we as leaders get the right level of data to the right people within our organizations and help them use it to compete, achieve, and advance in ways that are impossible in both an under-data or over-data environment?

    In this talk, we will discuss the difference between tactical level, managerial level, executive level, and board level metrics, as well as why the wrong metrics in the hands of the wrong people cause more problems and lead to lower performance. Finally, once you have identified the right data access for each level within your organization, how do you make it real without adding another full-time position with the sole responsibility of compiling and reporting data — an expensive but common proposition? We will talk data process, data culture, and data automation so that proper data can support appropriate budgets and produce accolades from your executive team, led by the CFO who now fully understands the importance of investing in your impactful marketing and sales initiatives. The right data leads to bigger budgets, and your CFO will love you for it!

  • speaker-1
    11:30 - 12:15

    Data and Analytics in the Age of Compliance

    Annie Haarmann

    While data collection for analytics is a difficult task in any industry, healthcare has an additional layer of compliance that makes the task especially daunting. Hear from Ascension’s Annie Haarmann about the key regulations that marketing leaders need to be aware of in all industries, and especially within healthcare, about data collection and aggregation.

  • 12:15 - 1:15


  • 1:15 - 2:00

    Panel: Let’s Make It Real: Q&A with Marketing Leaders

    Panelists: Marcia Sullivan (Maryville University), Brad Hogenmiller (EyePromise), Annie Haarmann (Ascension), Mariquita Barbieri (Carmody MacDonald)

    Moderator: Jenny Bristow (Anvil Analytics + Insights)

    Implementing a data-driven decision-making process within your marketing organization can seem simple on paper, but there are many obstacles you could experience once you begin. Hear from senior marketing leaders in four different industries (healthcare, education, e-commerce, and home services) on this panel where we will discuss what was (kind of) easy in the process, the unexpected hurdles they experienced, the political and educational learning curves, the data collection compliance issues and the tangible benefits they have seen within their organizations to date.

  • speaker-1
    2:15 - 3:00

    The Secret to Unlocking the Power of Effective Data Visualizations

    Brett Lohmeyer

    Most of the time, data is communicated in simple formats such as single metrics, lists, and tables. This data has less structure than complex data like scatter plots, time series, and histograms. Simple data also gets less attention and less respect than complex data. The truth is, complex data visualizations are often intimidating for many people, and they take time to understand. However, sharing critical metrics with your board of directors doesn't have to be that difficult or scary. In this session, you'll learn how to streamline your visualizations for simple and compelling data storytelling that will win over your leadership team and drive trust for critical organizational data.

  • 3:15 - 4:00

    Panel: Build or Hire? The Pros and Cons of Building an Internal Team vs Outsourcing

    Sponsored by: Washington University in St. Louis
    Panelists: Lorrie LiBrizzi (Washington University in St. Louis), Gabe Lozano (Lockerdome), Karen Loiterstein (Enterprise Bank & Trust)

    Moderator: Jen Whitten (Washington University in St. Louis)

    When a company embarks on implementing a more robust analytics or business intelligence tool, one of the first questions to answer is whether to build an internal BI/analytics team or outsource the task to an agency. In this panel, we will explore both paths, including the pros and cons and expected costs of each, as well as 3-5 year strategies for growth on each path. If building an internal team, we will discuss which roles to hire first (along with anticipated salary ranges), as well as ways to leverage agency partner(s) in the most effective way possible. This is a must-attend session if your organization is considering building an internal team or hiring an agency to manage your measurement needs.

  • speaker-1
    4:15 - 5:00

    Closing Keynote: Navigating Cultural Change

    Kesha Kent

  • 5:00 - 6:30


    Join us in the Exhibitor Hall for complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres and enjoy an extra opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, sponsors, and speakers!

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  • General Admission to the Summit and All Sessions
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast
  • Complimentary Lunch
  • Networking Opportunities with Sponsors and Other Attendees
  • Complimentary Parking





  • General Admission to the Summit and All Sessions
  • Complimentary Continental Breakfast
  • Complimentary Lunch
  • Networking Opportunities with Sponsors and Other Attendees
  • Complimentary Parking
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